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Who we are


Direct Validation has its own, complete organisation ready to validate in different EPC
countries. For each country we have the following setup:

  • our own translators
  • our own quality controllers
  • our own personnel for submission

    We have assembled a large group of talented engineers, scientists and medical specialists
    who are skilled at expressing themselves in their respective native languages. All of them
    have at least a degree corresponding to a Master of Science and they only translate into
    their native language.
    We do not formally require our translators to have any previous patent experience, even if
    most of them have. Still, we require that all of them pass our training in the art of patent
    translation before they are allowed to start translating at Direct Validation.

    Quality Assurance
    We also have a unique quality assurance system: at Direct Validation at least two people
    are dedicated to each translation: a translator and a quality controller.
    The quality controller works as a mentor and sounding board for the translator, helping
    him or her with the technical, linguistic and patent aspects of their translations. They have
    the same technical background as the translator and also many years experience in the
    world of patents.

    Direct Validations can also help you with submission of patent translations to the national
    offices as well as assisting in the administration of payments of official fees etc.
    All done by our own staff.

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