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The Better Price


When it comes to final costs, it normally does not matter much if you pay
less or more for the translation. It all depends on how many middlemen
there are involved.

Fewer middlemen
It is very simple: Direct Validation do not use middlemen, local agents etc.
unless mandatory. Through our profound knowledge of national patent laws
we have managed to find ways around the obstacles in all major European
countries. This means than we can offer you validations with fewer middlemen.

We call that Direct Validations

We pay more, you pay less.
Parts of the saving we make by using fewer middlemen are invested in the
translations. We probably spend more than average on our translations
to ensure the quality. This is money well spent from our point of view as we
recruit only truly professional people for translations. As long as we do
not spend money on middlemen, you will pay less.

We also do not believe in saving money from bulk-buying power or through
economies of scale. Pushing the prices down only encourage cheaper,
less professional translators.

So, by us paying more, you pay less. As simple as that!


Our on-line price finder will help you to find out what you pay for your validation.

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