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Do you really know who translated your last patent?

No matter how good your European patent is, when it comes down to the
patent protection in each country it all depends on how good your
translation is. 5 or 10 years of prosecution with the EPO can be endangered
by a bad translation.

Quality Assurance
A unique feature of Direct Validation is the Direct Validation Quality Assurance
System which means that all translations are done by two people, a Translator ,
and a Quality Reviewer, both being technical specialists with long experience in
patent translation to ensure the quality of your translations.

Experience & Training
The translators and Quality reviewers we recruit:
  • must have at least a Master of Engineering degree or similair. More than 30% also have a PhDs plus long research experience. This allows us to handle all technical fields, even when deadlines are tight.
  • only translate into their native language.
  • all have patent training, either as former patent attorneys, patent translators
    or through Direct Validation.

It stays within the family
If you really want to be serious about quality you have to know who does what.
At Direct Validation we always know who is translating, who is reviewing the translation and who is submitting it. We also know the qualifications of each person involved.

How else could we trace, assure and follow up on quality?
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