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By using Direct Validation you can liberate resources and save money
normally spent on arranging validations in each country.

For patent holders it means that we do the job your patent attorney normally
does at validations and helping you answering EPO’s Intention to Grant 71(3). Who do you think has the lowest costs?

For patent attorneys it means your staff normally handling the validations
can be used for other duties and you can offer your customer a better price.

The advantages compared to traditional validations are:

  • One order. You as a patent attorney only need to communicate once with Direct Validation:
    at the moment of ordering. Not with a patent attorney in each country you want to
       validate in and not on multiple occasions.
  • One minute. Do you want to find out the cost of validating in multiple countries?
       At you will get the answer in 1 minute. Traditionally
       you would have to contact one attorney in each country. And then wait.
  • One invoice and one payment instead of multiple invoices and payments.
  • One report on one occasion. When Direct Validation has concluded the validations you
  •    will receive a single report that will also include:
       All Proofs of Receipt and Proofs of Payments.
       All translations.

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