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About Direct Validation


Validation is the process of translating and submitting an approved
EP application to national patent offices around Europe.

From being one of the leading patent translating companies in Europe,
Direct Validation has developed into a pan-European validation company.
We translate to and from all European languages used in the European
patent process and can also help you with fee payments and submitting
the translated patents to all national patent offices in Europe.

The idea behind Direct Validation is that you can hand over your granted
EP application directly to Direct Validation and we take care of
the translations, fee payments and submissions.
We help you during the whole process - from Intention to Grant, via Decision to Grant to the completed Validations all around Europe.

What differentiates us from similar companies and patent agents is that we do not
use middlemen such as local patent agents, unless this is mandatory

We can guarantee the quality of the contents of the patent from leaving your hand to arriving
at the local patent office because we use our own personnel throughout the entire chain:

our own translators
our own quality controllers
our own personnel for the submission

Furthermore you save on costs as we use fewer middlemen.

Today there are approximately 40 EPC countries (countries connected to the European Patent Office) and Direct Validation can help you in all of them.

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